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February 8, 2014

FreeBSD 10.0 CD and DVD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: CD, DVD.

October 23, 2013

FreeBSD 9.2 CD and DVD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: CD, DVD.

June 27, 2013

FreeBSD 8.4 CD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: CD

January 17, 2013

PC-BSD 9.1 DVD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: DVD.

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FreeBSD Installation Support

Thank You for choosing FreeBSD Mall's collection of products. To help you get going with FreeBSD, we have compiled the following resources:

Quick-Install Booklet
With every FreeBSD Mall FreeBSD Jewel Case product comes an insert. This 16-page quick install booklet should give you a quick-start guide to installing FreeBSD. It will cover the most generic options, and give you an almost plain-vanilla FreeBSD installation.

FreeBSD Handbook: Installation Chapter
Found in the freebsdmall directory of the first install CDROM and online here is the FreeBSD Handbook's Installation chapter. It contains a detailed walkthrough, and documents every feature, option, and keystroke of FreeBSD's system installer. If you need a guide for installing FreeBSD, please refer to this chapter.

Going About Installation
If you are unfamiliar with installing FreeBSD, you should follow the installation chapter as you install, or read it before attempting an install. By doing so, it will prepare you for any unexpected events during your installation.

FreeBSD Mall Installation FAQ
In addition to the Q&A section of the 16-page installation booklet, and the troubleshooting section at the end of the installation chapter, we have compiled a FAQ of common installation hiccups.

FreeBSD Mall Installation FAQ

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Where do I learn about Unix commands?
A great resource to start learning about the basics of Unix operating systems and the commands used in them is the Unix Basics chapter of the FreeBSD Handbook.

I'm lost, what now?

FreeBSD Mall has a friendly support staff to help ease your installation woes. Level 0 installation support consists of help installing a basic FreeBSD system from the CDROM onto the hard drive. Installation support is considered complete when the user has reached a FreeBSD 'login' prompt.

To better diagnose and troubleshoot possible problems, please e-mail a complete description of your problem to This will allow us to carefully review your problem before returning with a solution. We can get back to you with a possible solution via e-mail or through phone.

We strongly suggest the e-mail first approach to technical support, as it allows us to iron out the details of the problem before attempting a solution. However, if you prefer initial contact via telephone, you can call 925-240-6652.

Support beyond Installation
FreeBSD Mall offers a wide array of support options that cover issues above and beyond installation on a yearly contract or per incident/time basis. See technical support contracts for more details.