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February 8, 2014

FreeBSD 10.0 CD and DVD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: CD, DVD.

October 23, 2013

FreeBSD 9.2 CD and DVD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: CD, DVD.

June 27, 2013

FreeBSD 8.4 CD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: CD

January 17, 2013

PC-BSD 9.1 DVD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: DVD.

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Throughout our long history, the FreeBSD Mall has had a mutually beneficial relationship with the FreeBSD Project, supporting the community in numerous ways, some of which are listed below:

  • Provided a reliable source of software, documentation and support. Our CDROMs and books had a professional polish that competing projects (NetBSD and OpenBSD) were unable to match, especially in the early days. This gave FreeBSD a decisive edge, at a time when it wasn't clear which of the BSD branches would dominate.

  • Maintained customer-friendly policies, including an unconditional "no-hassle" return policy, and empowered employees to quickly resolve any customer satisfaction problem.

  • Paid the salary of important FreeBSD developers, so they could work on FreeBSD full time.

  • Provided the FreeBSD project with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of hardware.

  • Provided giga-bit level bandwidth for people wishing to download FreeBSD. Our FTP server also functioned as a high profile showcase for FreeBSD's capabilities and stability.

  • Paid fees and travel/hotel expenses for key FreeBSD developers to participate in technical conferences, including SOSP, OSDI, Usenix, and several security symposiums.

  • Developed and distributed advocacy material, including white papers, web resources, comparison charts, etc.

  • Devoted a full time employee to the FreeBSD Documentation Project.

  • Paid employees to answer questions on the FreeBSD Mailing Lists.

  • Paid employees to respond to and resolve FreeBSD Problem Reports.

  • Helped many of the local FreeBSD User Groups increase their membership and improve their visibility by including them in our tradeshows and BOFs, and by providing publicity, promotional materials, guest speakers, web-links, organizational assistance, direct mail services, and co-sponsorship of events.

  • Provided hundreds of free CDs and books to local universities, and sent guest speakers to talk to Computer Science students about FreeBSD.

  • Sponsored and supported numerous FreeBSD Installathons. We provided free discs, technical staff, snacks, etc.

  • Developed retail box packaging for FreeBSD, and professional quality books. Introduced FreeBSD into mainstream retail stores, including CompUSA, Best Buy, Border's Books, Barnes & Noble, and

  • Conceived, organized, and funded the first two BSD Conferences.

  • Contributed money to the FreeBSD Foundation to support the porting of Java to FreeBSD, improvement of FreeBSD 5.X SMP support, and other activities that the FreeBSD Foundation has engaged in.

  • Contributed $5,000 to the FreeBSD Foundation in February 2004.

  • Contributed shirts, CDs, DVDs, and promotional materials to the Ukrainian FreeBSD User Group.

  • Contributed CDs to the AfNOG 2008 Workshop and Meetings.