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February 8, 2014

FreeBSD 10.0 CD and DVD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: CD, DVD.

October 23, 2013

FreeBSD 9.2 CD and DVD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: CD, DVD.

June 27, 2013

FreeBSD 8.4 CD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: CD

January 17, 2013

PC-BSD 9.1 DVD are shipping now. You may order your copy here: DVD.

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FreeBSD(tm) is a powerful, professional quality UNIX(tm)-compatible operating system. FreeBSD is based on 4.4BSD, developed by the University of California, Berkeley and itscontributors. 17 years of development has made it the world's most mature and robust network operating system. See why it is the choice of Internet Service Providers and other businesses which rely on serious networking performance and reliability.

The FreeBSD book and CDROM set offers you a complete reference to utilize FreeBSD to itsfullest. You get the entire FreeBSD operating system with all the tools and add-ons you would expect from the world's most stable Internet software. From installing the operating system to customizing network servers, this book and CDROM set provide the ideal solution. Along the way, you will read detailed descriptions on sharing your machine between FreeBSD and other systems; installing and configuring the X Window system; reconfiguring the FreeBSD kernelto suit your needs, and much more!

FreeBSD comes with the industry standard X Window system (X11R6) for the PC, XFree86. You also get a rich set of ready-to-run X applications and environments, including Gnome, KDE, Netscape, Open Look, Tcl/Tk and hundreds more.The system comes with complete source code. FreeBSD provides a tightly integrated build system that lets you recompile the entire operating system and support software from source with just one command.

FreeBSD also comes with complete development environment with GNU C, C++ and egcs compilers and gdb debugger. It also comes with packages such as Perl, Python, Scheme, Tcl and GNU Emacs. For printing you get Groff, TeX, Ghostscript and AFM fonts. The bash, csh, zsh and tcsh shells give you a wide choice of environments. FreeBSD supports ISO 9660, RockRidge and Joliet format CDs.

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